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Care for your soap 🧼

Your bars of soap will last a good while with or without any effort, but these tips will ensure you get the utmost usage out of your Suckinglemons soap bars! 

tip #1 : Use a proper drying rack.

The only thing that will melt your soap down is water! It’s crucial to use a proper soap rack to ensure your soap is being drained of water and not sitting in a pool of it in between uses! This will prolong the life of your soap bars! Suckinglemons offers bamboo racks perfect for great drainage! 

tip #2 : Use cooler water temperatures.

I’m a fan of hot and steamy showers myself m, but the hotter your water is the more your soap will melt! Cooler temperatures allow for less steam and ultimately helps you keep the shape of your bar longer! 

tip #3 : Use a soap saver bag.

Soap saver bags allow you to put the itty bitty pieces of soap that are too small to lather into an exfoliating pouch for 100% bar usage each time! While we don’t offer any currently, follow @suckinglemons on Instagram to stay updated on when we will! 

tip #4 : Use a wash cloth or a loofah!

Using a lathering agent to wash your body will allow you to use less soap than putting the bar of soap directly on your body! Cloths and loofahs will hold and create more suds to get you cleaner with less soap! 

tip #5 : Keep soap bar out of direct steam of water! 

If you choose to wash your body without a cloth of some sort, still try to keep your soap bar out of direct streams of water! Try wetting your body first and then lathering up outside the shower steam!  


tip #6 : Cure your soap.

Before you purchase from Suckinglemons know your soap has already been cured a minimum of 3-4 weeks, but you can cure your soap longer! The more your soap dries out the less water it has internally giving you a harder bar— and keeping replacements to a minimum. 

Hope these all helped! Good luck on preserving your precious bars 💖


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