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Essential Oils List

        Essential oils are super concentrated plant extracts that have long been used for their healing properties far and wide. These benefits are well rounded covering issues related to the emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies.

        While essential oils do wonders for many, it’s not guaranteed that the use of essential oils will be felt the same by each individual, as well as keeping in mind that allergies can develop at any time. I still personally feel they are worth trying. If utilizing essential oils is something you’d like to get into I implore you do your own research to determine if it’s right for you. What I will say is it’s not advised to ingest them, or use them undiluted; as well as keeping in mind that while they can aid in improving one’s quality of life, there are toxicities to certain oils to keep in mind involving animals, pregnancy, and babies. It’s recommended for nursing and expectant mothers to check in with your healthcare provider when making decisions to switch to a new skincare regimen. That being said here is a compiled simplified list of all essential oils used in Suckinglemons products and the benefits they may provide. 

Sweet Basil- Well known for alleviating feelings of stress, anxiety, and nervousness on the emotional front. Basil essential oil is used to calm and brighten the complexion of skin.

Rosemary- Increases circulation and is said to improve brain function.

Lavender- Promotes relaxation, and aids in alleviation of anxiety and insomnia symptoms.

Ylang Ylang- known to induce a sense of calm and reduce stress when inhaled! Reduces inflammation of skin, and promotes balancing of skins natural oils. 

Peppermint- Helps relieve headaches and muscle tension. Soothes inflammation with its cooling sensation. Aids in ability to focus and be alert, as well as relieving stress and anxiety. 

Eucalyptus- Eases aches and pains within the body while also relieving mental exhaustion. 

Grapefruit- Energizing and stimulating to the mind. Grapefruit boosts your circulation and combats fatigue by lifting emotions. 

Patchouli- Patchouli aids in skin cell regeneration to help the appearance of scars. The scent of this oil enhances the feeling of overall well-being by acting as an antidepressant. This oil is known to balance energy and aid in grounding oneself. 

Tea tree- Effective against bacteria and fungi. Tea tree oil is also said to reduce the redness and swelling of irritated skin.

Pine Needle- Unblocks sinuses and eases breathing while providing a warming effect on sore muscles!

Black Pepper-This oil improves focus and boosts circulation! Known to help alleviate cigarette cravings due to its ability to strengthen the mind and provide motivation.

Bergamot - This oil has a balancing effect on the body and mind while also being beneficial in balancing combination and oil skin. Antiseptic, antispasmodic, and analgesic 

Sweet Orange- Known for its antioxidant properties as well as relieving stress, anxiety, and overall uplifting ones mood.

Lemon- Reduces depression, anxiety, and nausea. Acts as an energizer. Said to be effective against E coli and Staph bacterias. 

Lemongrass- Boosts confidence and uplifts mood! Has antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti inflammatory properties for healthy skin!

Citronella- Combats fatigue while also promoting wound healing and warding off flying insects!

 Palmarosa - Balancing sebum production in the skin to help maintain oil levels. Antibacterial properties. Known to help ease tension in the emotional body. 

No claims above about the usage of essential oils has been FDA approved.  

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