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Meet the Creator

            My name is Crysta Marie, I'm 25, a first time mama, and I am the creator of SuckingLemons. I was born in Greenville, Mississippi and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a person dedicated to growth in all aspects of my life, I’ve always been my worst critic, but through art and helping others I’ve learned more compassion, grace, and forgiveness in this life.
At 21 I was feeling completely lost and didn’t know where my path was taking me. The loneliness I felt wasn’t just from others, but from me neglecting my mental and emotional health for years. From then on I started to put intention into my life. I was ritualistic in the way I set boundaries, stood up for myself, made food, and bathed, and everything in between. 

Since the beginning of my healing journey I have found new love, more joy in the simple unsung wonders of life — being a mother, soap artistry, and creating a business where I can use my meditation as a means of connecting with the world. It’s my hope that I can spread joy and assist anyone else needing to love themselves a little more, one bath at a time. 

The Creator

Crysta Carr

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