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Suckinglemons is woman-owned brand seeking to empower people on their self-care journey by providing products you can feel good about using for your body, and the planet. Committed to 100% vegan products, and low to no waste packaging - Suckinglemons vision is one of happier individuals, and a healthier ecosystem.


The planet is fading away faster than ever due to a normalized wasteful way of living, but there is still a need to look and feel ones best self. One shouldn’t have to be sacrificed to have the other. Suckinglemons believes in coexisting with nature as was always intended! (I’d also really love to have my daughter have access to clean water and air when I’m gone.) 




GROWING: We remain committed to consistently learning and adjusting with new information. We value researching and taking feedback from our customers to provide the best possible products and experience.

STEADY : While we are a business, we are people first, (a daughter and mother at that). Products I make are used by myself and my own family. Quality and safety come first! We always want to be depended on and expected to do great! 

REAL : Suckinglemons is a brand ran by a real person. There is enough pressure to perform without flaws in every other aspect of life, but as humans we are not perfect. The best we can do is provide an authentic experience with clear intentions and ingredients to give power to our customers over what they consume! With one of our key goals being to empower people on their self care journey — we restore power that has once been stolen by big corporations!



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Crysta Carr

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